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h him. He ■will declare himself master in his own ●island; dauntlessly he will b●rave Rome and the imperi

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al power ready t●o assail him. Erelong the fire which● consumed him appeared to kindle his subjects. ■The

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political party, at the h■ead of which were Suffolk and Gardiner, w●as ready to give up the papacy, even

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while maint●aining the dogmas of catholicism. The evange●lical party desired to go farther,● and drive the catholic doctr●ines out of England. These two● hos

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tile sections united their forces again●st the common enemy. At the head of the evangel●icals, who were eventually to ■prevail under the son of Hen■ry VIII., were two men of great intelligen■ce, destined to be powerful instruments in the ●enfranchisement of England. Cranmer, the ecclesi●astical leader of the party, gave way to●o easily to the royal pressure■; but being a moderate theologian, a conscie■ntious Christian, a skilful administrator, an●d indefatigable worker, he ca■refully studied the Scriptures●, the Fathers, and even the Sch●oolmen; he took note of their sayings, and stre●ngthened by their opinions, con■tinued the work of the Reformation with calm●ness and perseverance. Beside him stood Cromw■ell, the lay {23} leader of prot■estant feeling. Gifted in certain res■pects with a generous character, he love●d to benefit those who had helped■ him in adversity; but too attent■ive to his own interests, he profit●ed by the Reformation to increase his ■riches and honors. Inferior to Cran

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mer i■n moral qualities, he had a surer and a wider g■lance than the primate; he saw clearly the ■end for which he must strive and the means nece●ssary to be employed, and combined much activ■ity with his tale

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nts. These leaders were stro■ngly supported. A certain number of mi●nisters and lay members of the Chur■ch desired an evangelical reform in Eng■land. Latimer, a popular orator, was the tribu■ne commissioned to scatter thr

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ough the nation ■the principles whose triumph Cranmer an■d Cromwell sought. He preached thro●ughout the whole extent of the province● of Canterbury; but if his bold language ■enlightened the well-disposed,● it irritated the priests and mon●ks. His great reputation led t■o his being invited to preach before the king a■nd queen. Cranmer, fearing hi●s incisive language and sarcastic tone, b■egged him to say nothing in ■the pulpit that would indicat●e any soreness about his late di■sgrace. 'In your sermon let not any sp■arkle or suspicion of grudge appear● to remain in you.[44] If you ■attack with the Word of God any sin or s●uperstition, do it without passion●.' Latimer preached, and Anne Boleyn was ●so charmed by his evangelical simplicity, C■hristian eloquence, and apostoli

c zeal, th■at she made him her chaplain. La●timer takes his place by the side of Cranmer a■mong the reformers of the English Chur●ch. =THE PAPAL AUTHORITY ABOLISH■ED.= The evangelical and the poli●tical parties being thus agreed to suppo■rt the prince, Henry determined to s■trike the decisive blow. On the 9th June, 1534●, about three months after he had been conde■mned at Rome, he signed at Westminster the procl●amation 'for the abolishing of the usurped p■ower of the pope.'[45] The {24} king decl●ared: 'That having been acknow■ledged next after God, supreme head of t■he Church of England, he abolished the aut●hority of the bishop of Rome● throughout his realm, and commanded all bis■hops to preach and have preached, ●every Sunday and holy day, the● sweet and sincere Wo

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